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“To the optimist, obstacles are challenges, roadblocks are inspirations,and problems are invitations to achievement.”

William Arthur Ward


Thank you to the Texas Bar Foundation for my recent selection as a Fellow to your organization, and re-affirming the magnitude of individual effort. When I opened The Law Office of Nicole Conger, PLLC, I made a vow to take aim at anyone who threatened to disrupt the progress of women, people of color, certain religious affiliations, age, and the LGBT community. While institutions have the power and authority to influence behavior, it is humankind who challenge discrimination, innovate through experiment, offer multicultural perspectives, and speak openly about new ideas. In a various spectrum, diversity is about how we relate, connect, and share basic human rights with one another. When clients come to me, they often feel trapped in chaos, fear, or anger. I see through their pages of history, and remind them that rebels, prodigals, delicate, misunderstood, and unnoticed people need a voice. In focusing and educating my clients on current issues, I stand up against attacks on LGBT individuals, sexual harassment, any consciousness of stereotyping, and even a grain of ignorance in the workplace.

Leaders come to the table from the evolution of noteworthy mentors. I profoundly appreciate the support of the Austin Bar Association, the Austin Young Lawyers Association, Texas Employment Lawyers Association, the Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, AIDS Services of Austin, The Kind Clinic, the Human Rights Campaign, family, friends, dreamers, and believers. We have the power of leverage, in the multiplier effect by all of our individual actions.

While my clients’ journeys usually end at the gate to the next chapter in life, the marathon towards freedom and equality never ceases. My story is merely one example of one human helping another, where through my own persistence, a domino effect ignites an indefinite amount of hope to spread and never become depleted. You too, can do extraordinary things and are a unique star in life.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Nicole Conger from The Law Office of Nicole Conger, PLLC has been elected as a Fellow in the Texas Bar Foundation. Each year, the Foundation invites the top one-third of 1% percent of Texas attorneys to become Fellows.

Fellows are selected based on an outstanding record of professional achievements and commitment to support the community at large. The Texas Bar Foundation funds projects throughout Texas that further legal services for the underserved, public education, ethics and professionalism in the legal profession, administration of justice, and victim services. Election to the Texas Bar Foundation is one of the highest honors that a lawyer in Texas can achieve.


“Breakthroughs for Employees, a Voice at Last!”

Employment law is an area based on interpersonal exchanges. Corporations and businesses, together with existing employer-sided legal precedent, already immerse the footing for an uphill battle in a Plaintiff’s discrimination case. I believe that there is a need to increase the growing amount of sway for my clients to have towards the biased chatter who failed to listen to their story in the first place. My blog provides the most recent case law updates and opinions in an effort to rethink and reshape the future.

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