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“Believe and act as if it were IMPOSSIBLE to fail.”

Charles F. Kettering  

I use no limits to achieving success for my clients. I have negotiated prosperous settlement terms for an array of
victims in employment related disputes.  I bring thriving resilience and comfort, while embracing humility in each
client’s case. I believe that everyone has a story! My job is to empower and brighten client’s lives one step at a

Please take a few moments to hear what my clients have to say!

“My Hero: Helping Me Stand Up To Work Discrimination!
I was referred to Nicole after being discriminated against and then let go from my job. It was a tough time and Nicole was
there by my side helping me to have the strength to stand up for my rights as a woman and a professional. I am
tremendously grateful for Nicole and her effort to guide me through the process while quickly helping me get my issue
resolved in my favor.

The settlement I received with Nicole's assistance was far better than what the company had originally tried to give me and
helped me and my family until I was able to find new employment-But even more than that, she was a rock and supportive
as I worked through a really tough and emotionally draining period.”
Employment law client, February 2018
“Most Compassionate!
I was facing challenges with my disability benefits due to a lot of complexity and uncertainty of the treatment plans.
I needed advise on how to best navigate the complexities. Contacted many attorneys-only to find that most either work for
large companies or have exorbitant rates.

Nicole was the first attorney who patiently and compassionately took the time to understand my situation and what I
needed. I hired her and she even accommodated to talk to me during a SuperBowl weekend! I couldn't believe when she
called me soon after I contacted her and put my concerns to ease. Kudos to her work ethic and priority for her clients. Rare
to find such lawyers.”
Employment law client, February 2018
“Excellent Advice/Quick Response.
I hired Nicole to seek advice about several work situations. I just didn't know what to do or even what options I had. Nicole
contacted me within an hour of messaging her. She promptly scheduled a meeting at a mutually convenient location. She
was on time to our meeting. She was welcoming, sympathetic, and curious. Nicole asked lots of questions. I was amazed at
her quick assessment of my situation. She provided advice that was logical and clearly based on the facts I provided. She did
not try to force any solution on me. She totally made it my decision and clearly stated that it was MY decision several times
during our visit. I would totally hire Nicole again. Thanks so much Nicole! You are the best!!”
Employment law client, January 2018
“Disability Discrimination Dispute.
I hired Nicole Conger for assistance on a dispute with my former employer, a large corporation, regarding a disability
discrimination claim. The case was settled in approximately two months with great success!

With poise, professionalism, and compassion, she immediately took to the case. For me, over-communication is the best
communication, and Nicole provided just that. Every step of the process was clearly explained, so I had an understanding of
expectations and could provide relevant information in an effective manner. Nicole, while a diligent attorney, allowed me the
flexibility to work collaboratively as a team on the case as I felt comfortable.

Cases like mine can be stressful. However, Nicole has the gentle touch of explaining things in a manner that had me leave
each conversation feeling reassured. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone going through a similar issue such as
mine. It was quick, easy, and productive. Thank you to Nicole for the great work!”
Employment law client, December 2017


“Employment Dispute.
I hired Nicole Conger and she successfully represented me against a mega-corporation. I highly recommend Ms.
Conger because she is professional, knowledgeable, empathetic, friendly, and easy to talk with. Nicole Conger is a
high energy attorney who actually works on your case day, nights, and even weekends. She was available to
answer my calls at any time after normal hours, which made it easy to work on my case. I have 20 years of
experience in the legal industry and I recommend Nicole Conger, having greatly benefited from her
Employment law client, November 2017

“Legal Representation with a Heart.
In addition to being a knowledgeable attorney, Nicole was also an advocate, a cheerleader, and a warm and
friendly professional. Throughout the process, I felt I had someone on my side who was willing to go to any
length to achieve a just and fair resolution. She even worked over a holiday weekend to expedite my case! I am
truly grateful to her for her expertise and support, and would recommend her without reservation.”
Employment law client, October 2017

“Want Exceptional Results? Hire an Exceptional Attorney like Nicole.
Nicole is both the most thorough and understanding attorney I have had the pleasure of working with -- a
combination you don't often find in the legal world. Her professionalism and competence were eclipsed only by
her enthusiasm to handle my case with the utmost care and grit! Nicole went above and beyond industry
standards because she fully invested herself in my case. I felt heard by her with any question that I had. I would
definitely work with her again if the opportunity presented itself!”
Employment law client, September 2017

“Five Stars.
Nicole Conger is an extraordinary individual of remarkable personal character and exemplary professional 
achievement. A teacher's kid, reared by veteran twenty-five year Special Education Educator Deborah Ann
Conger, and it shows in your first encounter, every that follow.  Nicole carries her momma in her every endeavor.

Having established lofty educational goals and priorities early in life, Nicole demonstrates a life long pursuit and
attainment of excellence. One doesn't garner credentials from UT McComb's School of Business in the top 2%
without packing a healthy left jab of competitive spirit to accompany the go-to intellectual uppercut. A
prominent Austin Employment Law Attorney representing employers told me she's the one he DOESN'T want to
oppose; that's how I found her.

I'd never imagined the horrific circumstances having necessitated my reaching out for legal representation, and
the months long process wasn't especially delightful. Signing with Nicole sure was. Just you begin your search
where mine ended.  You're welcome.”
Employment law client, August 2017


“Wrongful termination and gender discrimination.
I came to Nicole with my case not knowing if I had any chance of fighting and she restored my courage and stood
by my side the whole time. She was very informative about everything and made me feel very comfortable. She is
a hardworking lawyer that never gives up I would highly recommend her. She’s amazing in all ways and helped
me not only win my case but encourage me to stand up for myself.”
Employment law client, May 2017

“Very sincere and caring.
I contacted Ms. Conger to represent me in a discrimination and employment complaint. I had contacted several
lawyers and she was the only one that really seemed to care and understand the stress I was under. Ms. Conger
and her team worked very fast to get the necessary documents to me for signatures, to my employer, and filed
with EEOC. She was readily available for phone conversations and would call back promptly if she was in a
meeting or away. I loved that she explained each step in detail so I could understand the process and know what
we were doing in regards to the complaint. She also sent emails keeping me updated. Ms. Conger was successful
in obtaining a settlement without having to go to court.”
Employment law client, April 2017

“Hardest working attorney I've ever met!
I hired Nicole right at a year ago to represent me on a very tough case. I must say from the very beginning she
was 100% straightforward with everything. She worked and worked every day to ease my suffering. She is
absolutely hands down the best attorney I have ever met, and I have never seen someone so dedicated to their
profession as Nicole is, from the smallest detail making sure I was kept up to date every single time something
changed all the way to the end of walking me through how everything is going to work out. She made sure I
didn't have any worries or concerns. I recommend her to anyone in need. If it was my choice 100 times over again
I would go right back to her. Thank you so much for everything Nicole.”
Employment law client, March 2017

“Outstanding Attorney.
After a wrongful termination, Nicole was hired to fight for my rights! She was caring and compassionate, as well
as tough and hard hitting. She never backed down from the fight, even after a two year battle. If anyone is
looking for a persistent, dynamic, ‘knows her stuff’ attorney, look no further than Nicole Conger. She will fight for
your rights and get you what you deserve. I highly recommend Nicole, and would hire her again if needed!”
Employment law client, March 2017

Five Stars for Nicole.
I hired Nicole after she allowed me to explain my situation at the most vulnerable time in my career life. She
thoroughly explained what taking a stance against a LARGE Pharmaceutical company entailed and what the
outcome might be. Although for the efforts the responses against my claims were all denied, that's not the end!
What felt like I was David against Goliath in the case, I triumphed in the end and the end results are nothing but
GOOD KARMA. Nicole is clear, professional, quick to respond and I appreciate all the assistance she gave me
throughout my case. She's funny and honest and gave me hope when I felt the lowest. Because of her guidance
I'm in a better way for it and moving into the best phase of my life now.
Employment law client, February 2017

Five Stars Are Not Enough.
Nicole is an incalculably knowledgeable lawyer and also a great person. Her stellar communication and resilience
changed my life. She fought for me... and I needed that. Her superior understanding of the law and
responsiveness was beyond impressive. I cannot compliment her enough! Having her representation was an
honor. I needed an aggressive lawyer who got business done and I was lucky to find one with such grace. Hire
her. She's a rockstar.”
Employment law client, January 2017

“Very helpful and personable.
Nicole was amazing to work with. She helped to make a very stressful situation bearable. She walked me through
the process and everything went as she said it would. Nicole not only worked hard to get a solution to my issue
that suited my needs but also infused the process with her own kindness and compassion helping to reduce the
stress inherently involved in these types of situations. It's obvious that she does this type of work because she
wants to help people. I would definitely recommend working with her.
Employment law client, July 2016

“Pink (slip) sheets to green bills.
A dear family member was wrongfully and brutally terminated. Nicole collected some information over a phone
conversation offering to sit down with us to hear more about the termination. This was after other attorneys
told us that we were in Texas and as a hire/fire ‘at will’ state we didn't have a case. Nicole sat and listened for
hours taking page upon page of notes written in a form of short hand with blue ink on a pink pad. This may
sound silly, but having such a unique note taking technique brought a personality to our very stressful info
gathering sessions, something I didn't expect from an attorney. She was direct, extremely efficient and didn't
back down when the firm in question denied any wrong doing. Nicole is a fighter and your greatest champion.
When you need an attorney of her expertise you are often emotionally, financially and professionally
devastated. Nicole will help you find any amount of closure possible while keeping you well informed during the
process. It was her expertise that brought to my attention that I too had a violation that needed correcting, so I
hired her to correct it. My case was quickly settled in my favor. . . a case I didn't even realize I had. I will always
be grateful and will miss working with her.
Employment law client, June 2016

“Knows the law.
I came to Nicole with a vague idea that I might have been wrongfully terminated. She zeroed in on the specific
areas in which there were legal claims. She knew terms and categories, which I had not been able to discover on
my own through online research. She was amazingly adept at narrowing down the volumes of information in my
head into a legal brief which the EEOC recognized and to which the company responded surprisingly quickly. We
settled with extraordinary terms in my favor. She did an excellent job and was great (even fun) to work with.”
Employment law client, May 2016


“Excellent consultation and representation!
Nicole is the most impressive attorney I have ever met in my life! I was so lucky to have her honest consultation
and straightforward recommendations. In her presence a person easily feels comforted and that she is sincerely a
compassionate person. My case went as far as it could without resulting in a settlement but I was able to find
closure with it inwardly being 100% satisfied that I had the very best person on my side throughout, Nicole. I am
able to move on with my life intact.
She is worthy of a 5 star rating because she will take the time to listen, understand, and care about her clients as
well as their rights by law. Thank you Nicole, your one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the privilege of
Employment law client, April 2016

“Knowledgeable & Personable.
Nicole knows her stuff. Many other attorneys I've worked with say they need to double check what the statute
says about xyz. . . Nicole never did that. She knows everything there is to know about employment laws, federally
& on a state level, even case law. In addition to her expertise, her personal qualities are what made me happy I
chose her as my attorney. She is an aggressive fighter & advocate for you, while at the same time personable and
a pleasure to work with from a client perspective.”
Employment law client, February 2016

“Professional, gifted, caring.
Nicole was my lawyer in a case we completed just recently in Texas. She is dynamic, articulate and driven to help
and protect her clients during a very difficult time in their lives. She was not only our counsel, but a trusted
confidant. Her tenaciousness was evident when engaging our opponent, yet her caring side was also available
when we needed a friend. I (and my family) had never experienced any legal wranglings in our lives and we were
definitely the deer in the headlights coming into our case. As it unfolded we were guided, informed, protected
and always the most important people no matter what location we may have been in. I know that without her
our side it would have been even more trying and most likely, not as successful. We would recommend Nicole
with our highest regard as she is not only a skillful attorney, but a compassionate and kind human being. If
needing counsel, you would be wise to seek her time and efforts on your behalf. She is remarkable.”
Employment law client, February 2016


“Outstanding Attorney with Heart & Fire.
I hired Nicole to represent me in a wrongful termination case because she's a sharp, aggressive and
compassionate attorney. She did an outstanding job of representing me and defending my rights to the fullest. I
really appreciated her passion for my case, great communication and her genuine desire to help me. If you want
a trustworthy, motivated and reliable attorney, pick Nicole.”
Employment law client, November 2015

“Authentic, Caring, and Competent.
If you are seeking an Authentic, Caring, and Competent Attorney, the stop looking! I have hired several attorneys
over the years and none have ever proven to be little more than the typical stereotypes and cartoon figures.
Nicole and her team are ‘the real deal.’ As a client, if you will trust her and let her work for you then you will not
be disappointed. Nicole proved to be very well read, intelligent and strong throughout the initial dialogs, filings,
depositions and negotiations. Nicole will not sell you out. When the hearings are over and your case is settled or
closed, you will find that although the legal system is a very close group of friends and colleagues, Nicole and her
team will not allow relationships to compromise what is right, and just for her clients.”
Employment law client, October 2015

“Timely, astute, yet empathetic.
Nicole diligently helped me take a stand against the injustices of my Forbes rated former employer. She
answered all my questions and responded to any concerns timely if not immediately. She did an excellent job at
attacking the case with my expectations in mind yet presented realistic goals. Ultimately, we arrived at a
successful resolution. I highly doubt anyone could have managed my case with the determination and
professionalism as well as kindness and understanding like Nicole did for me. I couldn't have had a better
Employment law client, June 2015

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